Commission Customs

-Custom Orders

Time frame for commissions can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks depending on the commission and items needed for it! (This is extended by a few weeks due to COVID.) I have commissions open for items I have previously made in my shop, usually items I make are one of its kind so it gives you an option to get something you missed and also make it unique to you. I also take completely new ideas! I will not however make something another artist makes.
During the custom process I’ll update you as I can and when items come in that we may need for your order if I didn’t have them on hand or if any issues come up. I’m always here if you have any questions! I do commissions as they come in meaning there is a line and I always go in order. Sometimes there will be a few week delay on when I start your specific commission based on the order it was placed and when your items come in needed for your order. I will under no circumstances rush a commission, when you place your order you’re agreeing to my wait times and possible delays due to covid/life. 
I take commissions on items over $50! I can give better estimates on price once we get all the details down. If you want to give me creative freedom that's totally alright with me!
if you end up not liking your commission I will give a half refund, but not a full refund. This is due to covering the supplies I purchased for your specific commission and the time I spent working on it. If you have any questions I didn't go over here feel free to ask me!