Memorials & Donations

- Memorials 

No one always knows when their pets are going to pass but in the case that you want to preserve their life I am here for you! Each memorial is different based on what you want and the size / kind of animal or reptile so I say time frames for these are anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months! Weather also plays a part in how long processing will take. (This is also extended by a few weeks due to COVID.)

Floral photos are a piece of what I offer with every memorial and pet donation! With floral photos I clean up your pet and groom them if needed before laying them with flowers I personally pick that I feel fits their personality and transition to their new life! Sometimes during this Ill have soft music playing and give them blessings before starting my work on them! I usually post these photos online so please let me know if you’re not comfortable with that! 

For the work on your pet I offer full or part mummification, water cremation, bone work & articulation, I’m currently working with skinning and soft mounts before I fully offer those! I can rework any memorial piece I’ve made in my shop and make it unique for your pet or we can start on a completely new idea! Ways to work on your pet may differ due to the way they passed and the kind of animal or reptile they are. I am always here if you have any questions or want to add anything onto your memorial! 

- Donations

In the case that your pet passed / you find a specimen of your own that you don’t want to keep the remains of but also don’t want them to go to waste, I do take in donations and I also appreciate them so much! 

- Shipping Pets / Specimens 

Shipping your pets or found specimens is completely safe as long as it’s done correctly!

• Things needed: 

- 2 Plastic bags: !!IMPORTANT!! I ask that you bag them twice in case of leakage which is completely normal after passing. 

- Bubble wrap: To protect from rough handling during shipping. 

- 3-4 Ice packs: !!IMPORTANT!! The specimen NEEDS to be kept cold. One is not enough, they need to be placed under the specimen and on top. 

- Towel: If you’d like to wrap your pet or specimen up in it before bagging. 

- Fit to size box: !!IMPORTANT!! This means a box that fits them perfectly with NO extra space for them to move around during shipping other than the space needed for ice packs and bubble wrap. 

For the shipping label I would use to get the cheapest price for shipping and as priority 1-3 day shipping. USPS/FedEx/UPS will charge a lot more than, it’s not needed but a suggestion as I’d hate for you to have to spend a ton of extra money. What’s important is the priority shipping and safe packaging. 

I will have any pet memorial or donation sender sign a form of agreement for safe packaging & shipping. It’s very important that these steps are followed as leaking of fluids is a biohazard and I do not want any legal issues for either of us or a possible biohazard situation in my own home. If packaged or shipped improperly leading to a biohazard I will add an extra charge between $50-$100 depending on how much cleanup is needed. The memorial will not be finished/sent until the biohazard payment is given.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding shipping! I’m always here to help!