- I want to custom order a piece from you / Have other questions!

Message me through the contact tab here on my website or message me through any of my social media sites (preferably instagram or my facebook page) below to reach me sooner cause my email can get a bit packed sometimes! I do get a lot of messages so please be patient with my response times I will get back to you within a few hours or 24 hours! 

-How long do orders take to ship? 

Orders through my website or through DM take 1-2 weeks to ship! This does not apply to commissions since those are made for order, commissions depending on the kind can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks. This is due to waiting for any supplies needed that I don't have on hand, work time, plus shipping time which has been extended due to COVID 19. 

-How are your pieces cruelty free? 

I obtain all of my specimens cruelty free by natural death! All of my bones, insects, and full specimens are never harmed for the making of any of my pieces. I don't support hunting or poaching within my work. I also don’t purchase illegally imported animals or insects and stay up to date with my state & country laws regarding animal sales and trade for the safety of my shop and clients!

-My item came damaged! What do we do? 

Message me! We can decide whether its something we can fix or I can remake the piece! (I can’t always remake commission pieces) I always insure my packages in cases of damaging so we always get refunded! If fixing or remaking isn't an option you'd like to do I can always refund you if you show proof of the damaged item within 5 days after being delivered. 

-I no longer like my piece, I would like a refund! 

Unless the item comes damaged or is lost in transit and I'm shown proof of that within 5 days after being delivered I cannot refund you. Please make sure what you purchase is 100% what you want! If that does not appease then you can ship back the piece with tracking that you pay for and I will refund you once delivered back in my hands for the price of the piece but only if in the same condition as when sold.

-Why is shipping internationally so much? Due to covid international shipping prices have increased, this also increases again depending on the time of year it is. Sadly that's not something I can control but I do try to include partial price of shipping in with the initial price of my pieces! Bundling items will also give free shipping. 

- Why is my order taking so long to reach me? 

Due to COVID 19 there has sadly been a huge delay with shipping times and shipping updates during delivery, although I wish that is something I could completely control that is out of my hands. In country/international orders can sometimes take up to a month or a few months to reach destinations. Sometimes theres absolutely no issues and orders will reach you within a week and then other times its a mess! I do insure all my orders in case its ever lost in transit or comes damaged which thankfully I don't have to use often but it is a safety net in case there is ever any issues with your order. 

 - My mummified piece/jewelry is starting to smell, what do I do?/How do I safely store it? 

Don't be alarmed! Although your piece is dry preserved it needs to stay out of humid areas so make sure not to store it in the bathroom or anywhere it can easily get wet cause it can start to decomp all over again! If your piece does get wet or starts to smell you can place in a mixture of salt/borax for 1-2 weeks to dry it out & help any smells. 

-My wet specimen liquid is turning colors!

This is completely normal as any remaining fluids mix with in with the jar or if your jar has been sitting for awhile/a few years! I do fix my specimens with formaldehyde but sometimes there still may be remaining liquids after awhile which is completely normal. If you want to change your liquid use either formaldehyed (please use safety measures when doing so its VERY important) OR 70% isopropyl alcohol, no more than 70% cause it can break down your specimen.